Sample Itineraries

Want to travel but don’t know where? See our selection of ‘Postcard Itineraries’ below for a brief snapshot of the regions we offer for some holiday inspiration!

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The Isle of Skye

Known for its rugged landscape, quaint fishing villages and narrow lochs, the Isle of Skye is a realm begging to be explored. Connected to the mainland by a simple bridge off the west coast of Scotland, the largest Island of the Inner Hebrides features medieval castles and an unbelievable fishing experience with an experienced local guide!

Bath & The Cotswolds

If you’re looking to explore England as it was way back when, Bath and The Cotswolds is as traditional as it gets. Wander the picturesque Roman streets of Bath that inspired Jane Austen, or visit the quintessential town of Lacock which featured in Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter!

The Coasts of Cornwall

Filled with horticulture, history and heritage, the coasts of Cornwall have plenty to explore! From the legend of King Arthur and his castle, to quintessential fishing villages dotting the coastline, Cornwall has plenty to offer everyone – oh, and don’t forget about the odd brewery or two!

The Loire Valley

Stay in the gothic streets of the romantic city of Paris while enjoying day tours to the iconic Châteaus in the Loire Valley. Visit the Château de Chenonceau that spans the river Cher, or the Château de Chambord with its distinctive Renaissance architecture. Return to the town of Tours, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its own right!